In the month of August there was a workshop of Origami for children on 21st. of the month. Miss. Simran with the help of Mr. Angad, took up jumping frog, a bird and elephant trunk in origami. We made four groups of children. Children enjoyed a lot to make those things. At the end we distributed certificate for participation. We served cake and chocolates to children.

On 18th of August there was quiz competition for Parents as well as Teachers. Mrs. Reena Barje and Miss. Pranita Devrukhkar were invited as judge for these competitions. There were 6 participants in parents Quiz competition. We made 2 groups named Gulab and Mogra, of 3 each. There were 4 rounds Pictures, rapid fire, puzzles and buzzer round. Parents were very excited, and when we asked them, they told that they have studied for this quiz competition. There was tough competition between both groups. Finally Gulab group won by scoring 28 points. We awarded them with cash prizes for 1st and 2nd position and certificate. We served snacks at the end.

Next Quiz competition was for Teachers. 15 participants wore there. We made 5 groups of 3 participants each. There were 5 rounds as Questions, pictures, rapid fire, multiple options and buzzer round. Everyone was exited. The teacher’s staff really prepared very well. Finally Chameli group won by scoring 30 points, and Chafa group was on 2nd position by scoring 25 points. We awarded them with cash prize and certificate. We served snacks at the end.


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