We are celebrating our 40th anniversary and with your kind help we are organising various competitions for our teachers, parents and children.

First competition for the month of july was a Drawing competition held on 19th of july 2018 at sion, for children. The children were divided into 8 groups according to their capacity, and each group was awarded two prizes. Rest of all were honoured by participation certificate. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Shri Deepak Chandanani , Miss. Harsha Jawhrani and Miss Srishti Bhandari were the judges for this competition, and Mr. Angad Jagtiani accompanied them.

Second competition was for teachers to make Innovative Teaching Aids, held on 28th of july 2018 at matunga. Special educator Mrs. Padma Patil, Mrs.Trupti Karandikar and Mrs. Anuradha Ganpule were the judges for this competition. We awarded two prizes 1st and 2nd position. Teachers really worked hard to make Innovative Teaching Aids. Judges explained each of them about their teaching aid and gave valuable guidance.

Third competition was Antakshri for parents held on 28th of july 2018. 10 parents wore participated in it. Mrs. Leela Godbole was the judge for this competition. We made 2 groups of 5-5 parents. 4 rounds were there, and it was a tie between 2 teams. We continue with our 4th round, which was a buzzer round. Our judge Leelatai gave final decision about it. We awarded two prizes 1st and 2nd position. Parents enjoyed a lot. We served snacks at the end.


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