Mrs. Sneha Mahesh Mayekar

Mrs. Sneha Mahesh Mayekar


Mrs. Sneha Mayekar is the Principal of “Meera Vidyalaya”, a School run for mentally challenged children by  Pragati Kendra.  She is qualified as B. A. D.M.R. (Diploma in Mental Retardation) from Society for care, treatment and training of special children in need of special care, Mumbai.

Mrs. Sneha Mayekar joined Paragti Kendra in 1988, as a teacher. Being motivating and caring and resourceful teacher, she was promoted as the Principal of the school in 2008.

She has been working for the all-round development and progress of the students. She has organised various educational activities and has arranged seminars, camps, trips, excursions etc. for the students. She has also conducted discussions and lectures on many useful topics for the students, teachers and parents as well. She always encourages students for taking part in different competitions. Under her able guidance students have won many prizes and awards at the National and International level.

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