Pratibha Vaidya

Smt. Pratibha Vaidya


             Her Journey with Pragati Kendra started a way back in 1980.  Influenced  by the devotion of the then trustees, she decided to leverage her good oratory and marketing skills to help aggressively sell products made by Meera Vidyalaya children and worked towards popularity of the school.

              Born in a family with a background of helping needy people, it is no surprise that Pratibha Vaidya is a trustee of Pragati Kendra. People who know her describe her as gutsy, task driven resourceful and spiritual woman. Though she is in her 80’s, her enthusiasm to make Pragati Kendra run Gus “Meera Vidyalaya”, one of the well known schools for children with special needs remains unabated, she has occupied various positions in honorary capacity as secretary, dy. secretary, president etc. in various woman’s organisations.

                Her journey with Pragati Kendra started back in 80’s when she had an opportunity to visit G.U.S. Meera Vidyalaya.  She instantly liked the passion with which Shakutai Athalye, Shubhada Godbole and Vijay Khare were helping children develop specific skills and become financially independent, Pratibha Vaidya decided to leverage her good oratory and selling skills to help aggressively sell products made by these children at Marathi Vyapari Peth at Dadar for successively for three years. At that time children used to make Maharashtrian specialties like Amboli Pith and Bhajani Pith.  Mrs. Vaidya took stalls in various exhibitions to help increase sale of these products. She introduced the system of collecting feedback from consumers so as to improve the quality of products.  This definitely increased the popularity of the school, its work and their product range.

                Based on this success, she engaged herself even more with the school and helped build school’s popularity and its financial strength. Having joined as a committee members in the year she worked in the capacity of the president for 2 years and at present  she is one of the trustees of the organisation. 

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