Shubhada Godbole

Mrs. Shubhada Godbole


Mrs. Shubhada Godbole is involved in rehabilitation of mentally challenged children since 1979. She worked as Principal of Pragati Kendra’s school “Meera Vidyalaya” and took up all the challenges for establishing the school. It is because of her tremendous efforts that the school received recognition from Govt. of Maharashtra and could appoint specially trained teachers and could cover approved syllabus for the students.  In addition to syllabus she introduced non-conventional courses like Music, Drawing, Dance, Games and vocational training to groom overall personality of the students.  She also organized various training camps and workshops for parents to cope up with their special children.  Since 1988 she has conducted more than 300 awareness programs through presentations to draw attention of society towards the problems faced by spastic and mentally handicapped children and their school, and also the tremendous service given by school staff.


Special efforts were made by her to form Association of Principals of mentally retarded children’s’ schools in Mumbai to discuss the problems faced by them and solutions shared by them.  She was appointed on the committee of Maharashtra Rajya Apang Shala and Karmashala Mukhyadhyapak Sanghatana.  She was also appointed as chief of mentally retarded section for Mumbai in 1991, 1992, 1999,and 2000 celebrations of International Handicapped Day.  In addition, she worked as a committee member and treasurer of Mumbai Jilha Apang Seva Manch as a representative of mentally retarded division. She has shared her vast experience of this field in her book named “Matimand ani Me Shubhada – Me Yashada”.


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