Mrs. Vijaya Khare


Mrs. Vijaya Khare 

Mrs. Vijaya Khare has been taking care of the accounts of Pragati Kendra since its inception. Nobody else knows better than her, the struggle for achieving the financial stability that the institution enjoys today.

Although a degree holder and a trained teacher, she was less interested in a full-time job. Founder of Pragati Kendra Mrs. Shakuntala Athalye was her neighbor and got totally influenced by Shakutai’s devotion. Inspired by Shakutai’s dedication, she plunged herself to work in this field. As Shakutai became more busy with various activities of the school Mrs. Khare voluntarily looked after the financial matters of Pragati Kendra. While collecting donation she had to literary go from door to door, had sometimes even faced humiliation and unkind words from the people, still undaunted, she ran from pillar to post for donations. In those days the only aim of her life seemed to collect money as much as she could to meet the expenses incurred by Pragati Kendra. Her joy knew no bounds when she could make the first fixed Deposit of Rs. 5000/- in the name of Pragati Kendra. As a treasurer she left no stone unturned to save the expenses. Now she feels satisfied for her contribution in difficult time of the institution. She is still physically and emotionally attached to this institution.

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